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Plagiarism Tester

Copy sections up to 50 words from your essay or report in the following box, and you will see if you are plagiarizing someone else's work online. Try it a few times with different sections of your text.

About This Tool

With easy-access to the Web, it is not surprising that many students are trying to get away with copying chunks of text they find online and pasting them into their own essays. Often, many students don't realize this is wrong until they get caught. Copying part or all of someone else's work, without giving credit to them, is called Plagiarism (often incorrectly spelled plagiarizm, plagerism or plagairism).

You can quote other people's work in your own essays and reports, but you must give proper credit and differentiate their work from your own words - usually by putting their words in quotation marks, or by indenting the paragraphs.

This tool allows you to check if you are likely to get caught out - it simply runs a Google query for your text, and returns any exact matches it finds. If it returns anything, you could be in trouble so you should read up on what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

It's not foolproof - academic institutions use far robust techniques - but gives you a good indication if you are liable to get caught plagiarizing... and the consequences could be severe.